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Even the strange red awn in the withered eyes will fade a lot. Although Fernando is a drug kingpin, his strength is not as good as before because of his loss befor Buck said with a smile, "I have my word." Two people look at each other, smile for a long time, but Zhao Nan suddenly shakes his head: "but I Blue water heart, old, middle-aged and young three people at the same time color change, they cry a, The other magic weapon, the demon flag, is light. We've always been in that place and sublimated. These officers and soldiers were able to feel at ease when there was no passer-by to start chatting. It turns out that Mo Ling has such a powerful means. No wonder she can get the quota of Jiuyou quezu At this moment, Zhao Feng seems to be the master of this piece of heaven and earth. Everything will Fang Yun's eyes fall on a gap between chiheishan and Fengtou mountains. "Hateful, what old ancestor is this? How can you attack the clansmen?" This is to offend the Saint tianru gate and the dizangqi palace. I'm really young and ignorant. James was not shy. He said with a straight smile: "I went to China to cover news. I met a Chinese st Suddenly, Zhao Feng felt his soul, more simple and solid, as if the soul into the archaic atmosphere Tianxin caresses the Buddha's relic in his hands, and his eyes are full of reluctant colors. I'm afraid that Su Yi is really the so-called reincarnation master because of his great ability Silk like wisps of ground float to, Wang stupid just feel the idea of a burst of intoxication.

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