A strong man in the situ family had a dignified face. He said that he killed two people this time. He really killed two. Luo Li looked here, but nothing was found. His face was gloomy! Mo Yi Zhan looks at Mo Yan Shan Zuo and Mo Di and asks for their opinions. They both nod at the same Marta looked at Downton, who was reluctant to charge. She shook her head. "Recognize the reality. Yo Although Kong xue'er has used the jade family's inheritance treasure, her own strength is al There are even two old armored vehicles. Yeah, who's stupid enough to show off the killing tools? Dongfang invincible, Duan Yu and xuzhu were excited by his arrogance and said in the same voice: "ye Mo Qianxun said with a smile: "I just deal with the task above, and other things are ignored. If you This is also natural. Even if a mass of air enters into a mass of water, it is impossible to be comp Mu Shaoyue was very angry by Ye Xing's words, and he was very unwilling. On the battlefield, many people are speechless. At the same time, they feel very scared. What will h She was seriously injured at the moment, coughing up blood, her back was glued to the shield, blood After the tombstone of his road was injured, he was somewhat injured to the origin. But with his appearance, it was obvious that some pure white light appeared, lingering around him an The dull sound of shelling was like thunder. Lu Jing's face gradually calmed down, "Wanyi. I'll go home right away."

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