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"Yan orange clothes! My name is Yan orange clothes! They are descendants of Yan Emperor!" The referee is ready, and the players and horses of each Racecourse begin to enter the fence. When t "You..." Qing e stares, stuffy and unhappy. "Ha ha, the same moves are not common to me." Ye CHENFENG did not expect to meet Xia Yining at the gate of Yaowang city? But immediately, the sound of the flower wheel's laughter was introduced into the ear. "Whew, it's really delicious to be shot by an egg." (to be continued, please search, novel better, update faster! He once tried that even a huge piece of granite would be blown into fly ash in an instant. The violent power erupts only in a moment, and soon returns to peace. Only somewhere the void sudden "Scene 19, sergeant of the first cavalry division of the squadron's" counter scale "regiment, th "No problem, you can say it whenever you want, but I hope you don't do stupid things again... I& Li Daoling, like a puppet, was out of his wits, but he only cried out: "I don't accept it, I don But one thing he can be sure of is that the other side is very strong, very strong! It's natural that everyone wants to go to such a beautiful country, but it's not so easy. The prince of fair hair will be the hammer of war? Liu Feng, in particular, swaggered to challenge the boat yesterday. LAN Jue said with a smile, "my time is precious, and I have no time to joke with you. Sir Raphael, i

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