It's a pity that he himself has a ban on swearing, and there are few things that can help the sc "Do you still agree that Hu Hao can't go?" Not only they, but 381 people who passed the last ten thousand silk shaping test, and less than 50 p After entering here, Dongfang cave relaxes. In the space passage, there are various space storms. There are also feeding, the day will come out to fight for food The spirit power of the five people surged out like a storm, constantly integrated into the huge net This light halo can't have the slightest lethality, and the colorful mist around it is still abl The huge Qiaoyan star shivers under the terrible pressure of the whole planet due to the unscrupulou The law realm is just turned into fly ash by a golden light. And one tenth of these friars can successfully hunt the spirit, and no more than 30% of them get spi Yue Chong scolded him directly. Then he turned around and grabbed St. Cathy's hand and said, "Ca Many of the second generation of Shizu, like Luochuan, looked up into the sky with changeable looks. Even with the power of great Confucians, the chill of ice emperor palace is also a nightmare for the The tortoise immortal also does not mean, adds the way to the scenery. That Terran is indeed a powerful Terran. It is ridiculous that he even regards the other party's "This... That elder, have you never thought about going out and looking for master Qingxue? With you Tang Yu smile: "see no, I can do nothing, can only kill you."

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