The commander asked stupidly, reaching for the sword. Luo Hai slowly shook his head and denied the man's guess. This true God is no one else. He is the soul emperor and the first person of the soul family. "I didn't hear it. I think the water was too loud." Feng Xiaotian thought of this and said, "Miss Hu Jiaying, it's really hard for you. You're s But now she is slowly quiet, such as the deep sea, more like the former use of array to resist the e Zichen did not speak, the light in his hand flashed again, and a soul soldier appeared. For the wind induction, Mufeng has no doubt, when even in the direction of Qingyu, quickly swept awa You can even catch a lot of fat fish in the mountain spring. You can eat them just by roasting them "Pandora, that was a great move. Didn't you see that the audience loved it?" It is precisely because of man Qing Wang's tit for tat that makes black puma King hate the diffe Fu Jinxian quickly pretended to be confused and said, "we refined it! But it's not the business However, his pride only lasted for a moment, the next moment, the blue light ball, disappeared! Here Yang Tianci's words have not finished, there ye Tianchen is very serious to Yang Tianci, sa This light, no brighter than the stars, has attracted everyone's attention. Fang Yingwu throws away the yellow paper. Nile retorted, "who says leaders can't have love?" In a very short period of time, the enemies who had not been burned got together, chewed down the la

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