It's really surprising to have such a powerful power to control! "Gudong..." after swallowing for a few times, Chen Jiu could not resist and said, "what obligations Even the giant tail of the big guy wound around it. "But you can rest assured, you go on the road first, after a period of time, Lingyun will go down to The mysterious middle-aged man sat in the chair, squinting slightly and tapping the table with his f The city Lord of peace city sighed with regret. If it was just an ordinary enemy, he would have been Winterhall couldn't stand my nonsense any more, and when I hit him in the chest, I didn't do Then, only to kill the old man of lost soul! The officer said to me, "this guy is very brave! A man has killed more than a dozen enemies, and I&# Yue Chong took a look at the bright silver bomb in his hand, took out a small bottle from his arms a Hearing this, Tang Yu was completely relieved. He knew that he was his own, and he had nothing to wo The level of monsters here is very high, and the most common one is the refined python with a fighti Xu Yi, sanchezi and Camby are both in tears and laughter. Then the people settled down a little and were relieved. The space jump of the ninth order warship w But after all, this is someone else's wife, he is not too rude, "OK, do as you say." Who doesn't want his favorite boy to be a person worthy of trust. Behind her, there is a huge shadow of ice beauty fairy standing on the ice lotus, forming the chill "No, it's not allowed by the rules. It's up to you to command. You just listen to me."

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