It's not necessary to invite Xiaoyan to come to this world. It's not necessary for Xiaoyan t The old man with ancient and rare ink clothes has a flash of essence in his eyes, and his breath of "Hetu Luoshu is the most wonderful book in heaven and earth. Only you can't think of it. There&# With that, Yue Chong waved his hand, and then walked down the ring and slowly down the stairs. Early this morning, Shi Yunxia came to manage He Dong. Dragon scorching sun sword eyebrow a pick, do not believe "they will be so good, specially come to h And we have been weak since the late Qing Dynasty. They did not want a strong China to emerge, but t "This time it's absolutely true. If not, I'll die for my family." The whole ancient temple betrayed the alliance Therefore, Zhu Lingwu's ultimate goal of cultivating these blood gods is the God of blood who ca "We have too few weapons now. We can say that we are unarmed. Therefore, we must obtain weapons at t Wang Dong is still holding his feet under him, and Wang Dong's situation is not much better than Ding Hao waved impatiently, indicating that he should go away. "Good, but you are also hard, you also have a rest." In the dark basement, this cold light is like lightning that cuts through the night, His accomplishments did not increase because of this, but his strength was constantly improving. Not "More than 10 billion times per second." Obviously, it's not easy to accept this blow.

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