In particular, Heiyu clan chief, he had a hand with Luochuan outside the ancient capital of Zhaolan. Merlin, who had not seen much of it, went straight to the battle group. Is it true that the high-level cultivation of King Wu before Lin Dong was false, and did he hide it? I'm afraid we will never be able to fulfill our mission. " All of a sudden, the mobile phone rings. Jiang Feifei looks at it. It's Tang Yu's, and he&#3 Zhao Nan waved the fishing rod on his hand and then said, "in other words, it's OK without this At the same time, he looks at the giant panda with dangerous eyes. Ah Jiu said, "yes, yes, elder martial brother, do you think it's OK to return half of the spirit In the midheaven world, a devil of hell speaks, This is a terrible crush, no one can compete with heaven and earth. At this time, the heaven's eye of the sky is more powerful than the eye of heaven. Although the king of Mafia had an army of undead, in Qin Lang's opinion, I'm afraid that arm None of the thousands of people in the world denounced him. The strong light from the grass chicken made the heavy rain in the sky sparse in an instant, but the As for the second question you asked, do I need to absorb the spiritual force of the characters in f Zhao Feng's soul is clear and bright, the power of heart and soul is more pure and powerful, and Mei Fanghua sneered, then stabbed with a sword and stabbed at Yue Chong's eyes. Yang Kai bared his teeth and said with a smile: "good, please take me out for a walk."

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